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As a general rule, you should shy away from going inside your monitor when you have a problem.  CRTs in particular because they hold enough of a charge inside to kill you if you touch the wrong thing.  My suggestion is to leave the internal monitor repair to the pros.
For that reason there are no inside the monitor suggestions for troubleshooting the issues below.  As an added help, though, I've included a monitor troubleshooting program that I got a long time ago.  It may not help much with LCD screens but it contains a lot of good troubleshooting suggestions and more info about monitors than you probably care for.  To view info about the program click HERE.  To download the program click HERE.  Then unzip the files and run setup.

My Monitor isn't coming on (No Power Lights)
• Check to ensure it's plugged in.
• Is the power cable plugged into the wall outlet or power strip?
• Is the power strip on?  Do you know for sure it's working?  Try another strip or outlet.
• Is the power cord plugged tightly into the back of the monitor?
• Does anything smell like it's burning?  It may have a blown fuse or the monitor could be dead.

My Monitor Power Light is On but I've got no picture
• Check to ensure you have powered on the computer.
• Is your system in hibernation?
• Is the video cable plugged into the computer and back of the monitor and tightened?
• Does the video cable disconnect from both the computer and the monitor?  If so, and you're able, try another video cable from another computer.
• Try plugging the monitor into another computer.  If it works, you may have a bad video card (or possibly a bad system board) in your computer.
• If possible, put the video card in another computer and see if it works.  If it does, the problem is likely your system board.  To double check, see if the video card from the second computer works in the problem one.  If it does, the other video card is bad.  If it doesn't, the system board is bad.

My Monitor Comes on but the screen goes off when Windows starts up
• Did you change your screen resolution settings?
• Did you update your video driver?
• There's likely a conflict with one of the above or your video card could be on the blink.  Try booting up in Safe Mode and check resolution and driver settings.  You may be able to make adjustments (one at a time) to fix the problem.