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"Microsoft System Configuration Utility" is a program designed to help troubleshoot computer issues.  You can run diagnostic startup, reset or change configuration settings, and/or keep programs from loading at startup.
Windows (except Windows 2000) comes with MSConfig included.  If you have Windows 2000 and you would like (or need) MSConfig, you can download the program and save it to your computer.  Click on the picture to the right to download MSConfig.  When prompted, choose to SAVE the program to your c:\winnt\system32 folder.


The word modem actually stands for modulate/demodulate.  It changes the digital signals from your computer into analog ones that can be transmitted over a phone line.  The opposite happens when you receive information from the internet.  The modem then changes those incoming analog signals into digital ones the computer can then process.


On a PC a modem can have one or two ports.  For a two-port modem, one port is connected to the phone outlet and the other can be connected to a phone.  There are usually illustrations of a phone and phone connector stamped in the metal next to each port so you'll know what connects where.