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You can right click on any file or folder you want to write to CD, then select Send To and left click your CD drive.  You can select multiple files by first holding the Ctrl key and clicking on any additional files or folders.

When you copy files to your CD drive you will get a pop-up.  If you want to copy more files you can continue to add files to the CD writer.

Clicking this balloon will open up your CD drive showing the files ready to be written.  Select File from the top toolbar menus and left click on “Write these files to CD”.  If you miss the balloon popup, double click My Computer and right click on CD drive and select “Write these files to CD”.


Clicking this will open the CD writing wizard.  This will walk you through labeling your CD and will ask you to insert a blank disc.

When the files have been written (burned) the CD will pop out and the writing wizard will ask you if you would like to burn another CD with that same information.  If so, check the box and put another blank CD in the drive.  If not, click FINISH.

The following are the limitations of XP’s CD writing:
You cannot make exact copies of CDs. 
You cannot make bootable CDs. 
You cannot write to DVDs