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External devices are those you don't have to open the computer case to install.  It just so happens that my printer decided to call it quits a few days ago so in the following example we're going to be installing a new printer.  The old printer I have is an HP DeskJet.  I've got no complaints about it.  It's worked like a champ for years.  The printer I'm using as a replacement is a Dell.  (It came with my laptop.) 

The first thing I'm going to do is unplug and disconnect the old printer and delete it from the Printers and Faxes menu in the control panel.  Once I've done that, I'll be starting the new installation from the beginning as you will when you add new hardware.

Note:  External hardware and accessories sometimes require you to install the software first and then, when prompted by the installation program or when the program is finished installing, that's when you plug the device in to your computer.  Refer to the setup guide that comes with the device before the start the installation.

(Per printer's setup instructions

  • After removing the new printer from the box, and taking all the miscellaneous tape off, set the printer in it's new place and plug it in. 

  • Put paper in the paper tray and push the power on button. 

  • Open the lid so the ink cartridge carrier stops in the center where you can easily install the new cartridge.  Close the lid.

  • Connect the printer to the computer via USB cable.  (By the way, those don't get included most times so when you're buying something new to plug into your computer make sure you've also purchased any necessary cables you will need.)

Once you've installed your new hardware (internally or externally) and turned your computer back on you may see screens similar to those below.  For the most part, the installation program runs itself with an occasional click from you to go to the next screen. 

When you finally get to the last screen, click Finish. 
Take the printer CD out of your computer and put it in a safe place with the rest of your computer disks and documentation.

You, my friend, are done!

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