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Unlike desktop computers, laptops aren't made to be opened.  The sound, video, modem, etc., are all built right into the main board.   On this particular laptop the only things meant to be removed are PC cards, the battery, and the CD ROM.  All of which can be removed from the outside.

If you have an older laptop you may not have a network (Ethernet) or wireless internet connection built in.  If you have wireless internet at your house, you would need to purchase and install a wireless network adapter in order to use that internet. 

There are two types of wireless network adapters for laptops:  PC cards and USB adapters.  Which adapter you buy depends on whether or not you have an empty adapter slot and your preference.

          USB Wireless Adapter          PC Card         

Whichever you choose to purchase, make sure you have the slot or connection available and your operating system is supported (see box).  Follow the setup and installation instructions to connect your adapter and install the software driver.