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F1 = Brings up Help for whatever program you're in
F3 = Find
F4 = Drops down the address bar in IE
F5 = Refreshed the window
F6 = cycles to different parts of a window
F10 = Highlights File on IE menu bar
F11 = Maximizes window in IE

Backspace = In folders, go one folder level up.  In browser, go to previous page
Alt+F4 = Close application, shutdown computer if on desktop
Ctrl+F4 = Close window within app
Del = Delete selected files, text, icons, etc.
Alt+Tab = Cycle through open applications. Hold the Alt key down, then
press Tab repeatedly to scroll through apps. When you get to the app you want, release the Alt key. Use Alt+Shift+Tab to go backwards.
Tab = Scroll through windows of a multi-window application
Shift+Tab = Scroll backwards.
Ctrl+Alt+Del = Lists all applications/programs running at that time, and gives you an
opportunity to close one down if it's hung. Select the app you want and click on
'End Task'.  Restarts computer when done twice.

Alt+d = Gets you to the directory line in browse/folder windows
Alt+f = Opens the file menu
Alt+Space,n = Minimize app
Alt+Space,r = Reduce/Restore window size
Alt+Space,m = You can now move this window with the arrow keys or mouse
Alt+Space,x = Maximize app (From reduced window to max window)
Shift+F10 = Same as right click
Arrow keys, PgUp, and PgDn keys = Use these when scrolling through text or a window.
Tab = To go the next button on a window or go to the next field when filling out a form.
Shift+Tab = Go backwards through buttons and fields.
End or Ctrl+End = Go to end of document/window, or the end of a line.
Home = Go to the beginning of the document/window or the beginning of a line.
Shift+arrow keys = Used to select text, or anything else, like a lot of files in a folder.
Shift+End = Select all text from the cursor, to the end of the line.
Shift+Home = Select all text from the cursor, to the beginning of the line, or URL's in browsers.

Ctrl+Esc = Same as hitting the Windows key or clicking on Start
Ctrl+Tab = Scroll forward through "tab folders" in a window with "tab folders" in it.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab = Scroll through tab folders backwards.
Ctrl+a = Select everything in the window
Ctrl+b = Opens Organize Favorites menu
Ctrl+c = Copy selected text
Ctrl+d = Add to Favorites box
Ctrl+f = Find
Ctrl+h = brings up browser history
Ctrl+n = new window opens
Ctrl+o = Open
Ctrl+p = Print
Ctrl+s = Save
Ctrl+t = opens another tab in browser window
Ctrl+v = Paste text previously copied or cut
Ctrl+w = closes current browser window
Ctrl+x = Cut selected text
Ctrl+y = Redo/Repeat the last action
Ctrl+z = Undo the last actions, used when editing

Windows Key:
W = Same as clicking on the Start button
W+m = Minimize all apps
W+Shift+m = Re-Maximize all apps that were minimized with W+m
W+d = Minimize all apps. Hit W+d again to maximize back
W+f = Find files
W+e = Opens Windows Explorer
W+r = Opens the Run window
W+Pause/Break key = Opens System Properties Window